Swiss Saturator

Using a Three-Band Swiss Knife

Platone Studio Swiss Saturator is the ultimate saturation tool that music producers have been searching for. A versatile plugin that adds instant character to your samples and recordings, offering a range of distortion from gentle to brutal.

Platone Studio - Swiss Saturator

With its customizable options and three separate bands for low, mid, and high-frequency processing, Swiss Saturator helps you to take harmonic manipulation to the next level. It gives you precise control over the saturation levels and allows you to add a messy distortion that enhances the sound of your instruments and tracks without compromising control.

How Does Swiss Saturator Work?

In music production, saturation is a form of distortion that adds pleasing harmonics to a sound signal. Swiss Saturator goes beyond traditional saturators by providing three separate bands and three saturation modes, giving you unparalleled control over your sound. You can choose which frequencies to process and how to process them using the Mix knob and the different saturation modes for each band, making Swiss Saturator a powerful tool for precise sound distortion, empowering every music producer to achieve their desired saturation.

Swiss Saturation: Features

Swiss Saturator offers a straightforward interface with essential features for effective sound shaping. The Triband, Softcut, and Bypass buttons allow you to toggle between simple and multiband saturation modes, apply smooth amplitude processing, and deactivate the effects for monitoring.

Swiss Saturator

The DRIV, PHAT, and CRUS knobs in each saturation row offer different saturation characteristics, giving you flexibility in achieving the desired distortion effect. The Mix knob for each band lets you control the amount of saturation applied. The Input and Output faders and real-time volume indicators ensure precise loudness monitoring and prevent clipping.

Bypass deactivates all the features in Swiss Saturator, which is ideal for monitoring how the plugin affects a given sample or audio recording.

Frequency Displayer

Swiss Saturator

The Frequency Displayer provides visual feedback on the audio processing, helping you visualize the changes made to the original and processed signals. The plugin also includes three identical saturation rows with Solo, Mute, and Bypass buttons for each band, allowing you to shape the sound precisely.

Input and Output

Platone Studio - Swiss Saturator - Input Output

The Input and Output faders are placed on the left and right of the panel and include real-time L/R volume indicators for precise loudness monitoring. Above each stereo channel, two circles go orange anytime the signal is clipping. To avoid Output clipping automatically, select the AUTO option above the Output fader.

What Can You Do With Swiss Saturator?

Swiss Saturator offers endless possibilities for sound manipulation. You can use it to add colorful saturation, and subtly enhance the tone of instruments and mixes. It excels in improving bass tracks, adding character and harmonics to low frequencies.

You can also use the Swiss Saturator as an amp simulator, providing extreme distortion for guitars and rhythmic patterns. By automating its parameters, you can create filter-type effects, producing unique filter sweeps and DJ-style filter FX. Additionally, you can use the Swiss for mastering, adding punch and power to specific elements of your mix, such as claps and snares.

Experience the Power of Swiss Saturator

Platone Studio Swiss Saturator is the ultimate tool for achieving precise and impactful saturation in your music production. With three-band control, customizable saturation modes, and an intuitive interface, you can shape your sound with ease and creativity. Here are a couple of different ideas to inspire you:

  • Add colorful saturation. Swiss Saturator is great for complicated distortion processing, but you can also use it for simple saturation effects. Keep saturation at low levels to subtly color the tone of instruments and full mixes.
  • Produce better bass tracks. Low-frequency saturation is one of the main strengths of Swiss Saturator, which can add beautiful character to bass instruments lacking life. It’s also incredibly useful for adding mid-frequency harmonics to bass tracks that aren’t cutting through the mix or sound excessively subby.
  • Use it as an amp. Swiss Saturator can get extreme if necessary, and it works almost as an amp simulator when parameters such as CRUS are driven to the top. It’s perfect for filthy punk-style guitars, dirty staccato patterns, funky wah-pedal rhythms, and fuzzy power chords.
  • Create cool filter-type effects. The parameters in Swiss Saturator are fully automatable, including the lines in the Frequency Displayer (listed as Left and Right Wall). To create a swooping filter-type effect using Swiss Saturator, just automate the Right Wall to slowly move upward the spectrum. Before, don’t forget to make sure that the third band is muted to get that DJ-style filter FX.
  • Use it for mastering. Although it wasn’t primarily designed for processing entire mixes, Swiss Saturator’s multiband options make it a proper tool for mastering. Among other things, Swiss Saturator is perfect for adding some punch to claps and snares lacking some power in the mix. All you have to do is drag Swiss Saturator to the master buss and apply some slight CRUS saturation to the high-frequency band.

Elevate your music with the harmonic distortion and saturation effects of Swiss Saturator, and discover a new world of sonic possibilities.

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