These terms and conditions of use and purchase (“Terms of purchase”) (“Terms of use”) (“Terms of services”) shall be applied with regard to the access and use of the Softwares, Products (“Softwares” or “Products”), Services (“Services”), websites (“Website”) and other offers of Platone Studio Ltd.

  • These Terms of use regulate the contractual relationship between you as user (“you” or “User”) and Platone Studio, as well as your access to the Products and Services of Platone Studio.
  • By accessing to and using the Services and by purchasing and using the Products, you shall accept that the provisions hereof are obligatory, and you shall be bound by them. Should you object to accepting this (or any other future amendment and version hereof), please do not use the Services and do not purchase our Products.
  • You accept that accessing to a part of our Services and Products is subject to Registration (“Registration”), in course of which, you shall create a user account from time to time, by using your personal data (see: User account).

2. Using the Services

 2.1 When using our Services and/or Softwares, you shall guarantee that you do not intend to:

            a, violate any legal acts, decrees, regulations, and any rights of third parties

            b, access to such a field, for which you have no right or authorization

            c, use and spread any viruses, malwares or any other programmes or tools which may cause damage or disruption to the Services and the use thereof

            d, imitate any part of our Services or Softwares or incorporate it to any other website, software or services

            e, impersonate any other person or use the user account or share the data of another person

            f, publish or spread illegal, defamatory, harassing, or discriminative content pertaining to the Services, on forums or message boards.

  • If, in our opinion, you misuse or breach the provisions of the Terms of use, Platone Studio reserves the right to restrict, suspend, or deny your access to the Services, and it shall take measures to hinder the further use of its Products.

3. Ownership

 3.1 Platone Studio Ltd. owns or has licence with regard to the Services, Softwares or any content, component, pictures, graphical visualization, audio files, computer icons and any other pertaining material (“Intellectual property”). Under no circumstances may the Terms of use be interpreted as a manner of transfer of ownership or transfer of licence rights.

3.2 Intellectual property and copyrights are protected by international legal acts. You shall undertake the obligation to respect and avoid removing or modifying the notifications with regard to copyrights and ownership.

3.3 By purchasing the Product, you acquire the right to use the Product personally, and we shall not sell the Product to you. Platone Studio has the right to assign its rights, licences, or any part thereof to third parties, without any restrictions whatsoever.

3.4 The Product or Service purchased by you may contain intellectual property owned by a third party, the use of which Platone Studio ensure to its users according to a licence agreement. In such cases, at the purchase of the Product or the Service, we shall publish the terms of use of third parties on our Website.

3.5 Platone Studio is entitled to transfer its rights and obligations determined in the Terms of use in their entirety or in part.

4. Guarantee, liability, damages

 4.1 Ordering our Products and Services shall be governed by the obligatory consumer protection rules and regulations. According thereto, you are entitled to return the defective Product and request its repairing, replacing or the reimbursement of its price.

4.2 You are legally entitled to withdraw from the purchase of our Products for any reason without any penalty or explanation, within 14 days of the purchase.

4.3 Following the detection of the defect, you shall send a notice to Platone Studio within a reasonable time, but not later than two months, which notification shall include the description of the defect and the manner of its occurrence, and potentially presenting it by pictures or video.

4.4 You specifically accept and consent to the fact, that should you have direct and immediate access to a particular Service, you have no withdrawal right pertaining thereto.

4.5 Platone Studio does not declare, and it does not warrant that its Services are continuous and without any defects and interruptions. At the same time, it seeks to repair the defects without unnecessary delay.

4.6 The User acknowledges and accepts that the Services may become unavailable due to maintenance or updates.

4.7 For the purposes of providing information, our Services may provide links to other websites not owned or controlled by Platone Studio. Platone Studio is not liable for the content of such websites and sources.

4.8 Platone Studio shall not bear liability to damage caused by viruses, spywares or other malicious programmes installed on your computer or other devices.

4.9 Neither Platone Studio, nor its suppliers or the owners of the licences used with regard to the Products and Services guarantee that their Products and Services shall meet your expectations, that is, that the Products and Services shall be available, quick, safe, and free of any defects.

4.10 During the use of its Products or Services, Platone Studio shall not undertake any liability exceeding the obligatory minimum degree for any:

            a, direct or indirect loss

            b, damage or causing of damage

            c, loss of profit

            d, loss of savings or expected savings

            e, loss of business opportunities

            f, loss of benign or good reputation

            g, loss occurred with regard to work time

            h, loss of data or any similar occurrence thereto.

4.11 For damage deriving from the use of the Products and Services, the full liability of Platone Studio shall be limited to the price of the used or purchased Products or Services.

4.12 Should you have any questions or issues, please contact the customer service of Platone Studio, you may find further information of the method of contacting on the website of https://platonestudio.com/support.

5. Changes in the Terms of use

 5.1 The Terms of use shall remain in effect until such a time that you use the Softwares or the Services. Should you cease to use the Services or the Softwares, or delete your user account, then these Terms of use shall cease to effect.

5.2 With regard to Section 2.1, Platone Studio has the right to terminate the use of the Services of the access thereto at any time, without any reasoning.

5.3 Platone Studio shall reserve the right to amend the Terms of use at any time. We shall notify you of the changes of these Terms of use. By the further use of the Services, you accept to be bound by the updated version of the Terms of use.

5.4 Platone Studio shall notify you of the changes in the Terms of use through your user account, 30 days before the amendment’s entering into force. Should you not agree with the planned amendments, you have the right to cancel your subscription at the end of the subscription period.

5.5 Our Terms of use may, over time, change due to new legal acts, decrees, or other reasons, which shall enter into force upon publication, but which do not affect the orders and purchases made before their coming into force.

5.6 Should any part or provision of this Terms of use become invalid, illegal, or unenforceable at any time, then it shall be replaced by the allowed provision of the new legal act or regulation which, in terms of interpretation, shall be the closest to the replaced provision.

6. Governing law and legal disputes

 6.1 Unless the mandatory legal acts or jurisdiction of any Member State of the European Union provide for otherwise, these Terms of use shall be governed and interpreted by the legal acts of the European Union.

6.2 If you are a citizen of the European Union, you may also use the online platform of the European Committee, which platform is available at the following link: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr

6.3 Besides the enforcement of the principle of conflict-of-law rules, the Terms of use shall be amended by the legal acts of the specific country, where the use occurs.

6.4 Should the provisions hereof be in conflict with any legal acts or laws, the Terms of use shall be interpreted in a manner that it shall reflect the intent of the Parties.

6.5 The omission of Platone Studio in terms of complying with any Section of this Terms of use shall not mean the waiver therefrom.

7. Terms of purchase

7.1 Please read these Terms of purchase carefully before ordering any Product or Service from Platone Studio. Should you fail to accept our terms, then you may not order Products, or you may not use our Services.

7.2 We shall reserve the right to deny any order which do not comply with our business policy, or to these Terms of use or purchase.

7.3 In order to purchase a Product or Service, you must be at least 16 years old, or you shall have the consent of the parent or caretaker. Moreover, you shall have a computer and internet connection.

7.4 You shall acknowledge and accept that the description of our Products and Services only offer information and it does not necessarily represent the specification thereof in their entirety.

7.5 Upon the acceptance of the order with regard to any Product or Services, these Terms of service and purchase shall be deemed accepted and obligatory. If we do not accept an order, we shall immediately notify you thereof.

7.6 Should an order be made; the Product shall be sold.

7.7 Unless otherwise provided for, for the purchase of our Products and Services, you shall create a user account (see: User account).

7.8 You shall purchase the Product or the Service at the end of the payment process. Following the end of the payment process, you shall receive a confirmation of the fact of the purchase, the main characteristics of the Product or the Service, at the address provided by you.

7.9 We do not process faulty or incorrect order. Should you observe any incorrect data when the order was confirmed to you, you are obligated to notify Platone Studio without unreasonable delay.

7.10 Platone Studio shall not reimburse any subscription fees pertaining to the remainder of the subscription period.

8. User account

8.1 For using our Products and Services, you are obligated to create a user account (“User account”), for which, you shall accept the Terms of use and you shall read our privacy policy (“Privacy policy”) and you shall choose a personal password.

8.2 At the creation of the User account, providing data, information and upgrading them is the user’s duty. Platone Studio is obligated to take measures for the monitoring of the correct and accurate nature of the provided information.

8.3 You are liable for any such use of the Products and Services of Platone Studio, which shall occur by your user account and password.

8.4 Should the user lose its account name or password, or should it be stolen, then you have the right to presume that unauthorized persons acquired them, therefore we request that you immediately notify Platone Studio thereof.

8.5 When signing into your User account, you shall gain access to the Products and Services purchased by you, and you may download them to your computer.

8.6 Platone Studio shall not guarantee that the Products or Services in your User account are available 24 hours a day, and/or their use is uninterrupted and free of defects.

8.7 Platone Studio shall send you a notification of any planned interruption which may occur due to maintenance, development, updating, backup, or any other reasons.

8.8 During the creation of your User account, you shall accept and acknowledge that Platone Studio processes the personal data provided by you. The Privacy policy of Platone Studio offers guidelines in terms of processing, storing, and using the personal data.

8.9 Platone Studio is entitled to suspend your access to your User account in case of violation of these Terms of use, the legal acts, decrees, or other regulations in effect.

9. Fees, payment, and subscription

 9.1 Platone Studio provides its Products and Services in exchange of payment of fees and subscription fee unless their free nature is indicated.

9.2 Our indicated fees include VAT and any other turnover taxes.

9.3 The payment of the fees of the Products and Services may only be performed by the payment alternatives offered.

9.4 When using our Services or Products, you are liable for any incurring internet fees or fees pertaining to mobile data.

9.5 With regard to our Products and Services which may be accessed in a subscription (“Subscription”) system, and should you use such method, we shall charge you the Subscription fees monthly or annually, in advance.

9.6 Based on the authorization provided by you, Platone Studio automatically renews your Subscription at the end of the Subscription period. If you have chosen annual Subscription, Platone Studio shall notify you one month prior to its expiry at the latest. Platone Studio shall not reimburse the remaining Subscription fee even if your User account is terminated for any reason in the meantime.

9.7 The Subscription fees shall be charged on the calendar day when you ordered our Service or Product.

9.8 You are obligated to make sure that your account balance covers the Subscription fee before the Subscription period. If your bank account may not be debited, Platone Studio sends a notification thereof, and tries to debit your bank account again.

9.9 We shall try to debit your bank account for a maximum of ten days. Your access to the unrestricted use of our Services or Products shall automatically terminate if the last attempt thereto ends unsuccessfully.

9.10 Your access to the unrestricted use of your User account, Services and Products may be temporarily suspended if the Subscription fee may not be charged for any reason not attributable to Platone Studio. Following the payment of the Subscription fee, Platone Studio shall reset the access to your User account.

9.11 You acknowledge and accept that the agreement concluded by and between you and Platone Studio shall become valid and in effect, if from time to time and for a limited period, Platone Studio provides access to its specific Products and Services free of charge.

9.12 Platone Studio is entitled to amend its prices and the Subscription fees of the Subscription periods. In case of persons subscribing, a written notification is sent to you 30 days preceding the coming into effect of such amendment.

9.13 You are entitled to terminate your Subscription, at the end of the already paid Subscription period.

9.14 The payment methods offered is ensured by third-party payment service providers, and the terms and conditions of such payment methods are determined by the companies offering such payment services. Before using the services of any payment service providers, please read carefully and accept the terms and conditions thereof.

10. Contact information

10.1 E-mail: support@platonestudio.com

11. End-user license agreement

The end-user license agreement of Platone Studio (“End-user license agreement”) is pertaining to Platone Studio’s software products and the related explanatory material (“Software”). The “Software” expression includes any update and upgrade thereof. The end-user license shall be applied to Users who intend to use it for private and commercial purposes. The counterpart of the referred Software shall be licensed by you as end-user. Any issues not regulated by the End-user license agreement, the provisions of the general Terms of use shall be governing.

Please read carefully the following agreement:

11.1 The Software is owned by Platone Studio and/or its suppliers. Its structure and code constitute the valuable trade secret of Platone Studio and its suppliers. The Software is also protected by international copyright law and the provisions of the pertaining international contracts. You undertake that you shall not amend, adapt, translate, modify, decompile, or search for the source code of the Software in any other manner.

11.2 You may only use trademarks for identifying the output produced by the Software, according to the practice relating to trademarks, including the name of the owner of the trademark. Any use of such trademarks shall not entitle you to claim ownership with regard to the specific trademark. Apart from the abovementioned, this license does not provide you ownership relating to the intellectual property of the Software.

11.3 Platone Studio shall provide you a non-exclusive license for the use of the Software.

11.4 This license is your personal license, and the Software may be exclusively used by you. The Software may not be leased or provided to another person as license.

11.5 The Software may only be used for private purposes. The Software may only be used for commercial practices by an agreement concluded by Platone Studio, authorising such use and only according to the provisions thereof.

11.6 The right to use of the Software shall be valid for an indefinite period, with regard to the relating provisions and the payment of the applied fees and the instalments within the deadlines. Nonetheless, if you have selected the subscription or the lease of the Software (if such alternative is available), the following shall be applied:

  1. a) subscription: the right to use of the Software shall be valid for a definite period, only for the subscription period.
  2. b) Transfer into ownership: the right to use of the Software shall last for an indefinite

11.7 The license of the Software is pertaining to such person or organization who has registered it.

11.8 You may transfer the right to use of the Software to third persons with the proviso that such a third person accepts these Terms of use and ensures you thereof in a certified manner, supported by documents.

11.9 The voice prints and music files relating to the Software is owned by Platone Studio and they are protected by law. Their use for commercial purposes may only be carried out by the written consent of Platone Studio.

11.10 From time to time, upon the use of the Software, voice print, wave format, song excerpts constituting the intellectual property of third persons may also be used, and we shall provide information of the possibilities of such use on our website.

11.11 Platone Studio and Platone Music are such trademarks which are registered in certain jurisdictions.

11.12 Platone Studio strives for continuously develop, improve, update its Products, including adding new content or upgrades. It may occur that some services of the Product are not available, or they are only available in a modified form. Platone Studio or its contributing partners shall not reimburse the purchase price or the account of the subscriptions due to the abovementioned if the change does not cause unreasonable detriment to you.

12. Guarantee

12.1 We shall provide you the Software as it is. Platone Studio shall not undertake guarantee apart from the fact that the Software shall comply with the specifications set forth in the documentation.

12.2 Platone Studio shall only rectify deviations from the specification if it relevantly affects the use of the Product.

12.3 Platone Studio is entitled to decide whether to replace the faulty Software.

12.4 The license to use the Software automatically terminates if you do not comply with the Terms of use thereof.

12.5 The amendment of the Terms of use of the Software is only valid in written form, by the signature of the authorized executive of Platone Studio.

13. Related services

13.1 By using out Products and Services, you may create an intellectual property that may be used by another User.

13.2 You may also make voiceprints, wave formats, song extracts available to other users when using the services of Platone Studio. You shall be notified the method thereof on our website.