The privacy guidelines (“Privacy guidelines”) of Platone Studio set out which data, for what reasons and in which manner we collect and use from among your personal data, how we protect them and how you may contact us. When using our Service, Products or Website, you have read, acknowledged, understood, and accepted the Privacy guidelines of Platone Studio.


Protecting your personal data is of high importance for Platone Studio Ltd and we shall continuously take measures to ensure the transparent processing and secure storing of your processed personal data. These Privacy guidelines include detailed information as to what occurs with your personal data when using our services.

For the purposes of these Privacy guidelines, “personal data” means any such information which directly or indirectly serves the identification of a particular person, or which may be attributed to a particular person.

We draw your attention to the fact that certain services offered by us may entail such data processing activity which is not indicated herein. In this case, before starting the processing of your personal data, you shall acquire information of these specific processing activities.

The controller of the personal data with regard to these Privacy guidelines is Platone Studio Ltd.

We draw your attention to the fact that Platone Studio Ltd is not liable for data processing performed with regard to products and services deriving from or controlled by third parties. These undertakings may have their own privacy guidelines, which are generally available on the relevant websites of the particular products and services.


Platone Studio may collect your personal data in multiple ways, directly from you or by the use of our services, and from any other sources deriving from third parties.

Should you require any additional details and information on the terms and conditions of the processing of your personal data, please contact us.


Platone Studio processes your personal data for the purposes and based on the legal bases as indicated below.

a) Managing our services

We use your personal data for the purpose of managing our services provided for you, including securing your product, performing follow-up after the sale, managing the returning of products, checking that the payment is not fraudulent, and assisting communication with regard to customer relationships.

Based on the contract concluded with you, we shall process:

  • your identifying information (e.g. name, address)
  • your contact information
  • information with regard to your purchase
  • the number of your credit/debit card.

These data shall be stored until you are the client of Platone Studio, and for one year following thereafter.

b) Developing of our products and services

We shall also use your personal data to expand our knowledge stemming from the use of our products and services and to perform customer-driven developments, as well as to improve our products and services.

These include the use of purchase and search history, the sending of surveys of information regarding the use of our products and services, and the requesting and processing of other information from you pertaining to your opinions of our products and services.

These shall also include any personal data collected from our own forum, when you make a comment, create a post, or respond to a question raised on the forum of the Platone website, blog, or any other sources of information sharing. When providing online services, we shall record the name of the forum, blog, or other sources of information sharing and the date and time of the post or comment, together with the data of your account.

These data shall be stored until you are the client of Platone Studio Ltd, and for one additional year following thereafter. The data collected for the development of our services and products, including your personal data, shall be anonymized for that purpose, and we may process these anonymized data for an indefinite period, and we may share it with third persons as well.

c) Marketing communication

We may use your contact information for marketing communication purposes, including sending newsletters and information on products and services.

Storing period: We shall store your personal data until you are the client of Platone Studio, and for an additional one (1) year following thereafter. If you consent thereto, we may send you marketing communication even after the expiry of the storing period. We also draw your attention to the fact that you are entitled to unsubscribe from any such marketing communication, in this case, we will not send you any further newsletters and information.

d) Management and protection of our IT systems

We shall also process personal data for the purposes of managing and protecting our IT systems, that is, for instance, by creating backups and storing log files with regard to the use of our website and services.

Storing period: We shall store the log files for 13 months following the creating thereof. The backups shall be stored for various periods, depending on the type of backup in question. Certain backups may also be stored for an indefinite period.

e) Establishing, pursuing, or protecting legal claims

We shall also process personal data for the purposes of establishing, pursuing, or protecting legal claims, that is, if we pursue any claims against you or if we have any claims with regard to our products and services. We shall also process personal data to comply with our legal obligations, for instance, to comply with our accounting obligations.

Storing period: In such cases, we shall store the personal data until the expiry of the longest limitation period, which is generally ten (10) years from the establishment of the claim, or it is equivalent to the period laid down by the applicable legal acts.


It may be generally assessed that Platone Studio does not sell, lease, share or provide your personal data in any other manner to third parties. Nevertheless, for the purposes of seeking to provide you quality products and services, it may occur that we have to permit certain exemptions from this general principle, especially if the information pertaining to you may not be provided anonymously and/or under a pseudonym. The recipients may include third parties operating as controllers, suppliers, credit card payment service providers, companies proceeding as delivery agents, service providers monitoring and controlling fraud, government agencies and law enforcement authorities, investors, and professional consultants.

Sharing personal data as data processor with third parties

We shall draw your attention to the fact that our third-party service providers proceeding in our name shall only act and operate as to our instruction, in accordance with the data protection directives and appropriate confidential, data protection and security obligations apply to them. However, other external service providers such as external developers generally process information for the purposes of developing and optimizing their products and services. We shall only create anonymous, aggregated, or general data for research and statistical purposes. As we firmly believe that based on these information you may not be reasonably identified, we shall share such information with any third parties (for instance with our partners, advertisers, industrial bodies, media, and/or general public).

Should you use developer’s product deriving from third parties in the products and services of Platone Studio, we advise you to always read the privacy guidelines of such third parties prior to using their products or services in the products and services of Platone Studio.


Platone Studio uses technologies, such as cookies to collect information of the viewed pages, the clicked-on links, and any other measures performed on the website and in the services of Platone Studio. The cookies are small text files that the web browser stores on the hard drive.

Platone Studio may use cookies to store your preferences and other information on the computer in order to save time, thus avoiding the necessity to repeatedly provide the same information, by remembering personal data for instance, when using the websites of Platone Studio, thus creating personalized content and targeted advertising for subsequent visits of the website. Nevertheless, cookies used on the websites of Platone Studio do not generally include any such information which would personally identify you.

Cookies on the websites of Platone Studio

Platone Studio’s session uses permanent cookies on its websites. The session cookie is a temporary cookie that shall be deleted after the ending of the session, that is, generally at the closing of the web browser, while the permanent cookies shall be stored in one of the subfolders of the browser until such a time when it is deleted manually or when the specific storing period of the permanent cookie expires.

Platone Studio uses cookies when “registering” or “signing in”, when it requests the user to sign in to determine which version of the page shall be displayed to the user and to remember the data of the signed-in user.

Cookies deriving from third parties on the websites of Platone Studio

Platone Studio also uses cookies deriving from third parties. Third-party cookies may be required for them to provide their services. Platone Studio uses cookies from third parties (for instance _ga) to access the data of Google Analytics.


In accordance with the terms and conditions of Platone Studio, you must be 16 years old or older in order to subscribe to and use our products and services, that is, any persons under 16 years may only use our products and services by the involvement, supervision, and consent of the concerned persons (parents or legal guardian).

Any parent or caretaker who has questions with regard to the data processing of personal data and which may be pertaining to their child, please contact us by using the data provided in the section of “Contacting” below.


Based on the data protection legal acts in force, you have certain rights with regard to the personal data collected from you.

You have a right to:

  • Request access to and copy of the personal data.
  • Request the rectification of your inaccurate or incomplete personal data.
  • Withdraw your consent to have your personal data processed.
  • Request the erasure of your personal data under certain circumstances, except for cases where we are legally obligated to store your personal data.
  • Request the restriction of your personal data under certain circumstances.
  • Object to such processing of your personal data that is based on reasons with regard to our special circumstances or that is based on the other party’s legitimate interest.


Should you require any further assistance or should you wish to make any remarks, then please contact us:

  • By the online form available on the support page.
  • By sending an e-mail to
  • By sending a letter to Platone Studio Ltd’s address of Corner Chambers 590a Kingsbury Road, Birmingham, United Kingdom B24 9ND.