The Solution to The Most Common Problem of DJs

Going from loud to quiet in the middle of a DJ set kills the vibe. Spending hours tweaking the volumes of hundreds of tracks does so too. Now, there’s an answer to both problems: StraightSet, is the first professional DJ helper software that automatically normalizes the volume of tracks, ensuring a consistent and seamless experience.


Say goodbye to volume inconsistency and hello to effortless DJ sets with StraightSet. With just three simple steps, you can revolutionize your DJing experience:

  1. Import as many tracks as you want.
  2. Set your preferred export volume.
  3. Done! All your tracks will have the same volume.

StraightSet preserves the original audio dynamics of each song while assuring they all play at the same perceived volume. Build exceptional DJ sets by automatically normalizing tracks in your playlist. You can easily set the final volume using the recommended loudness or customize it to your liking.

Experience the power of consistent DJ sets and witness the difference it makes to your performances. If you’re satisfied with the results, upgrade to the full version by simply clicking on the bottom-left side of the application and following the instructions:


Consistent DJ Sets Made Easy

Volume inconsistency is one of the biggest challenges DJs face. Mixing tracks from different genres, decades, or artists can be problematic if they play at noticeably different volumes. Abrupt transitions from quiet to loud tracks can startle the audience while going from loud to quiet tracks can diminish the energy of your set. In the age of streaming, where independent artists produce and master their music, volume inconsistency has become even more prevalent.

Normalizing the volume of tracks in a playlist shouldn’t be time-consuming. It shouldn’t detract from a DJ’s ability to select and combine music that resonates with the crowd. DJs need effective, hassle-free, and straightforward solutions to tackle volume inconsistency.

Your Automatic Volume Normalizer for DJs


Platone Studio StraightSet is an innovative DJ tool that resolves the issue of volume inconsistency in just two clicks. With StraightSet, DJs can effortlessly import as many tracks as they want and automatically normalize entire playlists and music collections. The process is quick and seamless, giving the flexibility to customize the final volume. The software also includes an Average LUFS meter for precise loudness monitoring.

Unlike audio compressors that compromise the original audio dynamics, StraightSet maintains the integrity of the processed tracks. As long as you export them at reasonable loudness levels, your tracks retain quality.

More Than Just a DJ Tool

While we designed StraightSet with DJs in mind, its versatility extends beyond the DJ booth. This powerful tool offers a range of applications that can benefit audio professionals and audiophiles alike.


StraightSet for Audio Engineers

Audio engineers can leverage StraightSet as a DAW-free audio normalizer. The Average LUFS meter helps assess the quality of a master by providing a means to compare the perceived volume of each track in a record. StraightSet also enables exporting tracks at lower-than-original volume, making the handling of over-compressed audio recordings convenient.

StraightSet for Audiophiles

Audiophiles can rely on StraightSet to maintain volume consistency in their music collections. Mastering engineers approach volume differently depending on the release year, genre, and artist. Consequently, eclectic music collections often feature tracks with varying loudness. StraightSet allows audiophiles to normalize their collections and ensure a seamless listening experience. Additionally, you can use StraightSet to increase the loudness of older records, bootlegs, live recordings, and audio rips, providing a comfortable and perceivable loudness level.

Audio Conversion Made Easy

StraightSet is a convenient audio converter, that lets users export selected tracks to popular formats such as .wav, .mp3, .aiff, and .ogg. The software ensures that the original audio dynamics of the exported tracks remain unchanged when the “Conversion Only, Do Not Process LUFS” option is selected.


Features that Simplify Your Workflow

We designed StraightSet as a time-saving tool for DJs, audio professionals, and music enthusiasts. All features are conveniently accessible from a single menu, which includes:

  • Average LUFS meter for precise loudness monitoring.
  • Recommended LUFS (for export) based on the volume of imported tracks.
  • Adjustable Set Export LUFS option for customized volume control.
  • Five Tracklist Options for effortless navigation through extensive track libraries.
  • Import and Delete the menu for seamless track management.

Pro tip: Selecting LUFS in the Tracklist Options provides a quick overview of imported tracks, allowing you to identify the loudest and quietest volumes. It’s invaluable for setting the exported LUFS and analyzing volume inconsistency within a playlist, record, or music collection.

Many industry experts recommend a loudness level of -14 LUFS for mastered tracks, especially in genres with significant audio dynamics like folk and classical music. Depending on your imported tracks, StraighSet’s Set Export LUFS generally hovers around this value. For a punchy, club-ready DJ set, feel free to experiment with a Set Export LUFS value closer to -8 LUFS.

Embrace Simple Sophistication


Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Volume inconsistency is a fascinating challenge, but it shouldn’t overshadow our love for music. When it interferes with perfect DJ sets, well-mastered albums, or high-quality music collections, it becomes a problem that demands a simple and sophisticated solution.

StraightSet offers a lightweight and no-nonsense approach to loudness control, empowering audio professionals and enthusiasts. Why waste time normalizing tracks when there’s so much to do? Every second spent equalizing the volumes of tracks robs you of valuable time focusing on what truly matters: playing and listening to great music. Let StraightSet handle the volume, so you can focus on what you do best.

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