Is it Better to Have Two Delays?

Sometimes, one delay is not enough. That’s why Platone Studio presents Delay44, a cutting-edge plugin that combines two delays to provide unparalleled sound design possibilities. Experience the power and versatility of Delay44, one of our most exceptional delay plugins available today.

Unlock Wild Sound Effects with EQ Shape Create captivating soundscapes effortlessly using the innovative EQ Shape feature of Delay44. This advanced tool automatically generates wild sound effects, adding depth and character to your music. Customize the stereo wideness with the Autopan option, immersing your listeners in a mesmerizing sonic journey. Explore various Ambient settings to place your sounds in different captivating environments.

A World of Possibilities at Your Fingertips Delay44 comes packed with nine built-in presets, serving as a starting point for your creative endeavors. But its true strength lies in its versatility. With endless rearrangement options, this VST plugin can unleash your imagination and help you discover new sonic ideas. Say hello to the perfect delay for pushing boundaries and exploring uncharted musical territories.


How Does Delay44 Work?

Delay44 is not your average delay plugin — it’s a complete FX rack that combines multiple audio effects in a single package. While it can function as a conventional delay, its real magic happens when you incorporate different EQ Shapes and Autopan settings into your mix.

Unlike traditional delay VSTs, Delay44 goes beyond the standard left/right stereo delay. It ingeniously combines two stereo delays into one, offering a unique and immersive audio experience. Don’t worry, though! You can still achieve classic stereo-delay effects using the Main Pan knobs.

Unleash the Power of Delay44


Delay44 is not just another VST plugin. It stands out from the crowd in several remarkable ways:


With its user-friendly interface and intuitive features, Delay44 strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and flexibility. It consistently delivers fresh and exciting results, making it an essential tool in your arsenal.

Distinctive Character

Delay44 offers a warm and smooth analog-like sound, setting it apart from ordinary digital delays. The EQ Shape feature adds a touch of flanger-like magic, appealing to fans of dub music and wobbles. Its Feedback knobs provide tension without clipping, allowing you to sculpt your sound precisely.

Innovative Texture

Delay44 goes beyond time-based effects and focuses on both time and texture. It can transform your samples and recordings into something entirely new and unexpected. With the Ambient knobs, you can even use Delay44 as a vibrant reverb, perfect for genres like IDM, minimal techno, and ambient music.

Auto Filters and Autopan


The EQ Shape and Autopan sections in Delay44 bring groundbreaking possibilities to delay-based sound design. These features add movement, rhythm, and unpredictability to your sounds with a single button press.

Discover the Features of Delay44

Delay44 is divided into four main sections:

1. Delay Section

Choose between Step mode for grid-sync tempo or Ms mode for off-the-grid effects. Set the desired delay tempo and adjust the mix level of each delay channel using the Feed knob.

2. EQ Shape Section

Activate EQ Shape on each delay channel, select a filter shape, and witness its impact on the delay. Adjust the Freq, Level, and Rate to shape the frequency spectrum and add unique tonal qualities.

3. Autopan Section

Activate the Autopan section to create dynamic movement between the right and left channels. Achieve a balanced and wider stereo image by defining the panning movement with the Pan Shape parameter. Control the Dry/Wet balance and set the panning tempo using the Level and Pan Rate knobs.

4. Ambient Section


Elevate your sound with Delay44’s Ambient feature. Select the desired reverb type that suits your needs and infuse your music with captivating depth and dimension.

Additionally, Delay44 includes Main Pan knobs for each delay channel and a master Dry/Wet knob for adjusting the overall mix. Activate the Bypass mode to temporarily deactivate Delay44, and enable Autogain to maintain the original volume of your processed sounds.

Unleash Your Creativity with Delay44

Delay44 opens up a world of endless possibilities for your music. Here are just a few ways you can harness its power:

  • Create complex polyrhythms on the spot. Create complex polyrhythms on the fly. Experiment with different delay times on each channel, such as 6 and 4, to achieve stunning stereo polyrhythms. Activate the Trip function for even more adventurous grooves.
  • Harness automation for tension-building effects. Use clever automation techniques to transform Delay44 into a tension machine. Increase the Feedback to the maximum and apply Bypass right before beat one for a powerful bass drop.
  • Build mesmerizing textures and soundscapes. Combine Delay44’s features with your samples to breathe life into your music. The Ambient knob can turn ordinary sounds into vibrant atmospheres, perfect for fuller mixes and experimental compositions.
  • Embrace simplicity. While Delay44 offers extensive possibilities, sometimes less is more. Use Delay44 sparingly and discreetly to add subtle and beautiful tones to your mixes.

Unleash the power of Delay44 and elevate your music production to new heights. Experience the ultimate delay plugin that breaks boundaries and fuels your creative journey.

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