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Vst Plugin (32 USD)

When creating music, the delay effect is one of the most important mood factors, a trademark of the electronic music style.

Often, well-combined bindings (tempo, panning, feedback, LFO, eq, etc.) allow you to experiment with extremely catchy melodies and interesting rhythms.

We tried to condense the essence of 20 years of musical experience into one plugin and double it. In our opinion, the result speaks for itself.
For Delay 44 Details, watch the video, listen to our samples, or learn more by clicking the More button.

Free Trial:
Swiss Saturator
Vst Plugin (28 USD)

Do you want your distortion effect to sound like never before? Are you looking for a user-friendly saturator that gives your track a real character? Then shape your sounds with Platone Studios’ Swiss Saturator! Get your synthesizers and basses ready!

Swiss Saturator is a high-quality multiband saturator with an easily accessible graphical interface and carefully adjusted distortion algorithms for achieving the most pleasant sound possible. You can tweak the overtones separately or set the amount of distortion and compression on the whole frequency spectrum.

Free Trial:
Standalone app (42 USD)

Balancing the volume of your tracks might be tiring when you’re doing your show at the same time. But what if you could set the volume of all the tracks in your playlist with just a few simple clicks before your set?

Now, that’s what StraightSet does well.

It’s a professional DJ helper software that adjusts the volume of all the tracks you want to put into your set. You don’t have to bother setting the gain knobs again. Set up a global volume for your playlist, whatever format your files have, and get ready to crush the dancefloor with your set!

Free Trial:
Flex Reverb
Vst Plugin (Free)

Flex Reverb by Platone Studio is a FREE, high-quality plate reverb with a handy graphic EQ.

The plainly diffused sound of the automated reverb EQs can take your music (and your audience’s experience) to the next level.
Listening to demos will prove, that this is the reverb you need. Easy to use, sounds convincing, and is completely FREE!

Delay Eleven
Vst Plugin (Free)

Delay Eleven is a cool and easy-to-use VST by Platone Studio for literally any kind of music.

You can easily create new rhythms with Triplet and Dotted tempo settings. Modulate the frequencies of your delay with useful effects with Drive Dark and Bright functions.

Delay Eleven is a simple and effective tool to create better sounds and color your tracks. You can find here all you need from a Delay.
And you know what? It’s totally FREE.

DJ Filter
Vst Plugin (Free)

Platone Dj Filter is a simple and Free tool allowing you to control LP/HP with one knob. There are so many great filters on the market, but if you want to use them for effects or simulating DJ-ing, they could be more complicated than desired, sometimes leading to heavier system requirements.

We solved this problem for you! With some adjustments of Q and Wide, you can also use it for a Live Act performance.

The efficiency of this plugin is apparent, and the quality is perfect. No pops, glitches, no background whisperings. It does its job as it should be. And the best part? It is FREE.

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